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Sakura Girl

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Arts and Crafts - An Owl Will Always Love You

Hey guys  ,

Today i am going to show you how to make a great gift for someone. It may be easier to make it for a relative because it requires photographs with them in it.
So first of all here is the list of things required:

  1. A long piece of thick ribbon.
  2. Photos or pictures involving this special person (or people).
  3. Five or six small 15 cm2 sheets of different patterned fabric.
  4. Two big buttons and two small buttons for each sheet of fabric.
  5. A needle and thread.
  6. A permanent marker, any colour as long as its visible on all sheets of fabric.
  7. And some thin ribbon of your choice( if needed or wanted ).
  8. A piece of paper and a pencil .
  9. Scissors.
  10. All purpose glue
  11. Last of all, small wooden pegs.

Now we will start putting it to together ( finally)
First you draw the outline of an owl on your piece of paper or an animal of your preference .
After that you cut out  the outline then trace the owl or whatever animal you picked with the permanent marker on to all of the sheets of fabric . Next you cut out your fabric owls and sew the big buttons into them like eyes . On top of the big buttons glue the small buttons on like pupils. Now draw the face with your permanent marker. If you want you can sew or glue on other pieces of fabric and felt to make wings,beaks, breast and so much more.You could even make it 3D by adding on a back and stuffing it with newspaper or stuffing from an old pillow or blanket.  Your owls or animals should end out something like this :


These are pictures of what you are aiming for only that yours will have button eyes. They look nice 3D but it takes way longer to make them 3D.The picture of the three owls hanging off the branch is what we are doing only that we will have the owls hanging off the thick ribbon . When I was writing the list of requirments next to thin ribbon I wrote " if needed " in brackets because,if you are doing  2D animals or owls you could use the wooden pegs or thin ribbon to hang them on the thick ribbon. Other wise if its 3D the pegs will not work unless they are bigger.

Now that you have the main part done all you need to do is hang them off the thick ribbon using  the thin ribbon or pegs. Not only do you need to hang the owls off the thick ribbon but the pictures too.The pictures can be hard to hang with the thin ribbon  so I recomend you use the wooden pegs.Finally you are finished your amazing gift and are ready to present it to the person you are giving it to . As a little extra you could and on more decorations (only if you want to).Stay tuned for more Arts and Crafts.

                                        - Sakura Girl x

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  1. Love this - very creative! This is my favourite post so far. Keep it up Sakura girl Xx