Sakura Girl

Sakura Girl

Friday, 17 July 2015

Fashion tips - 8 ways to wear a scarf:-)

Hi guys, 

Today I am going to show you eight different ways to wear a scarf !
Something you should know about me is that I come up with pretty random things like this. I hoped you enjoyed my last post and this one too :-)

1. Wear it like a normal scarf.

 2.Cut up a 15cm fringe on each side of the scarf .Then simply wear it .

3.Wrap the scarf around your waist and tie a knot . This comes handy when your at the beach.

4.Repeat number three except wrap it around your chest. This makes it less a skirt and more a dress.

5.You could also use your scarf as a shawl with a nice dress .

6. Your scarf may be too big to use as a hairband but you might as well give it a go. First you roll it up into a neat line. Secondly you put it under your head and tie the two ends in a knot at the front of your head.

7. Another way is to use your scarf as a bandana but your scarf would have to be an equal square.

8.Last of all, you could fold over and tie it around your neck (not too tight ) . Kind of like a Air hostess.

And here are some more ways to wear a scarf :

HOPE you like this blog . If you have any other ways to wear a scarf please tell me in the comment box below.Lots of Love

                                                - Sakura Girl x


  1. Great post! Keep up the good work!

  2. Here is a cool image Sakura Girl

  3. Lovely tips. Can't wait to try :-) xx

  4. Wonderful, you show great style. You made me want to buy a new scarf like cashmere . Thanks for sharing Sakura girl :)

  5. I'm totes gonna try number three, it just looks soooo super fashionable.
    -your bae xoxo

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